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Rhino Roofing & Restoration is a premier aluminum and metal roof contractor in Greenville, SC. They offer TPO roofing reliable solutions for replacement roofs that are lightweight with many distinct advantages over other materials such as being durable or fireproof. We provide TPO roof repairs,  installation and replacement services.

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Tile Roofing Services in Greenville

Tile roofs are made to withstand the test of time. With their ability, they can provide increased value for your home and create envy among neighbors who may not have them! Although tile is one expensive type if roofing material available on market today. It’s also likely going be worth every penny when you see how long these last compared with other materials in terms or durability alone? Not only do we get high returns but beauty too thanks from some stylish designs like clay tiles which add flair while still being functional at keeping rainwater out

At Rhino Roofing and Restoration, our philosophy is to help homeowners ensure that their roofs receive the best, timely repairs and maintenance. Our Roofing Company professionals can ensure that your roof lasts for years, without the need for premature replacement. We do roof repairs on all types of shingles for any size of home or property.

Our Roof Repair Services in Greenville

Why Choose Tile Roofing?

Tile roofs are a durable and affordable option for home owners who want to avoid costly repairs or replacement of other materials. They also require less maintenance than those made from tiles that expand/contract moreso, allowing them withstand extreme temperatures with ease- even if it’s below freezing outside! However you should still make sure your tiled surfaces stay protected by applying an acrylic sealant every few years so they can resist cracking due damage caused primarily via ice accumulation on its surface beneath wind chill effects which would then lead into leaks.

We also know that tile roofs can be a big responsibility. If your home isn’t equipped to handle the added weight of clay and concrete tiles, synthetic alternatives may suit you better! Synthetic roofing imitates natural materials like slate or cedar but doesn’t have all those same wear-and tear elements as realClay itself does so it lasts longer without needing repairs often saves money in long term expenses because there won’t needto replace sections sooner than expected due accidentsfrom weather damages such astorms which cause hail storms etc… When contacting our contractor at Integris Roof

Types of Tile Roofs We Work On

Clay Tile Roofs:

Clay tiles are a type of roofing that has been around for centuries and can withstand high winds. This makes them perfect in locations where you need to withstand strong weather conditions, such as aboard ships at sea or near mountain tops. Their reflective surfaces also help improve the energy efficiency our homes by making it easier for solar panels on nearby houses collect more rays than they would otherwise be able too!
Concrete Tile Roofs:

There’s something about concrete that just makes you feel at home. It has been around since the beginning of time and its strength means it will always be an integral part in our society, whether we like to admit or not. One excellent quality about these tough tiles? The durability they can withstand extreme weather conditions without getting damaged while also requiring little upkeep so most people find themselves enjoying their house even more because pesky outside noises don’t bother them anymore thanks to this density which lower Traffic Noise levels inside homes when using Roof Tiles made from Concrete. The tone should remain professional.

Specialty Tile Roofs

Rhino Roofing has been a leader in the roof industry since we opened our doors. From asphalt to metal roofs, Rhino offers many options for homeowners and businesses alike! And with years of experience working on all types of construction projects throughout South Carolina, you can rest assured that your next home or business will be well taken care if it’s built right by us too!

We Repair Many Different Types of Roofs

We don’t offer a one size fits all service. In fact, over the years, we’ve made sure that there is a specific, specialized service for each type of roof. We provide the following types of Roof Repairs in Greenville SC.

Our Roofing Services


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