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Rhino Roofing & Restoration is a premier aluminum and metal roof contractor in Greenville, SC. They offer reliable solutions for replacement roofs that are lightweight with many distinct advantages over other materials such as being durable or fireproof

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Slate roofing is an old-world charm that’s been around for few thousand years. This durable material has seen little change over time, but what does change with slate are its natural colors from around the world which come alive each year as they’re exposed to elements only adding more beauty in this traditional style of roofs once used on homes before technology advanced enough so we could have something else than just black or brown tiles added onto our houses instead!

Installing a new roof can be an overwhelming process, but we’ve got you covered with our professional services. We offer installation for all types of roofs and will help recommend the best material that fits your needs! The pros at Rhino Roofs are here to make sure every detail is taken care if it comes down choosing what kind or slate color – they know how much hard work goes into picking just one thing… so don’t worry ’bout nothing; just give them call today

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Slate is Ecofriendly and Fireproof

Slate roofing is a sustainable, eco-friendly material that can withstand high temperatures. It’s fireproof and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or substances which make it better than other materials such as wood for houses with fires nearby. One of the reasons why homes have continued to use slate roofs over centuries ago was because they’re all but immune from airborne sparks caused by property burning up near them; this means you won’t need worry about your home being destroyed if there’s ever an accident in our city.

What is Synthetic Slate or Simulated Slate?

It’s a common misconception that synthetic slate is not as good quality or durable than natural stone. In reality, this alternative to traditional roofing material can hold its own against even heavy-duty weather conditions withstanding up best in hot summers and cold winters while saving you money at the same time! People often confuse durability for weight capacity when considering alternatives such as these but believe us our lightweight synthetics will last significantly longer compared to untreated stones meaning less frequent repairs needed down the road too so they’re a win/win all around.

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Whether you have a traditional shingles roof or the latest flat roof, we have the experience and capabilities to handle all types of repairs. Furthermore, our roof repair service in Greenville comes backed by a warranty so that you are assured of excellent quality work and customer service. Call Rhino Roofing and Restoration today, and we’ll be more than happy to help you with any of your roof repair and replacement needs!

The metal roofing service we provide is backed by excellent customer service. Whether you need a quote for an inspection or have experienced leaks in your current structure, our team will be there to help make sure that the issue gets resolved as quickly and efficiently possible!

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