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The experts at Rhino Roofing and Restoration will recommend a comprehensive roof repair to address the most pressing issues. Metal roofs have many distinct advantages over other roofing materials. They are durable, easy to install, lightweight, fireproof and available in many type of design patterns. 

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When your home or business needs a new roof, there are few teams that will be able to provide the quality workmanship and customer service. Our experts specialize in everything from leak repairs through installation for any type of task at hand—no matter how big it may seem! We know every detail about what makes up an effective solution, so you can trust us with anything related not just leaks but also future maintenance issues. Our professionals will make sure that your leaks are fixed once and for all so that you don’t have to be tirelessly fighting Mother Nature.

At Rhino Roofing and Restoration, our philosophy is to help homeowners ensure that their roofs receive the best, timely repairs and maintenance. Our roofing professionals can ensure that your roof lasts for years, without the need for premature replacement. We do roof repairs on all types of shingles for any size of home or property.

Commercial Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are the perfect solution for property owners who experience hot summers and cold winters in South Carolina. The durability of elastomeric roofing makes it an ideal option, as well, with its ability to cover all shapes or sizes of buildings from warehouses and retail outlets up through industrial facilities.

Elastomeric Roof Coatings & Commercial Buildings

Elastomeric roof coatings are a cost-effective solution to one of the most pressing issues facing South Carolina commercial buildings, their rapidly deteriorating roofs. The elastic properties allow these extremely stretchable materials, which contract and expand based on changes in weather or temperature, they reflect heat from the sun dependably. 

Understanding the Pros of Installing Roof Coatings

With a professional application of elastomeric roof coatings, your home can be protected from UV rays and moisture. The roof’s lifespan will increase as well because these products have been proven to protect against weathering factors such as wind-driven dirt or leaves that would otherwise be destructive forces tearing away at its surface over time.

There are also many benefits that you will observe for your commercial or industrial building:

  • Elastomeric white roofs reflect heat and light from the sun
  • Reduce electric bills and save on energy
  • Seals every seam and crack for a leak-free roof
  • Waterproofs the roof and prevents leaks
  • Reduces HVAC equipment wear-and-tear
  • Ease of maintenance and re-application of fresh coatings
  • Extends the life of your roof

One-Stop Roof Repair Service in Greenville, SC

Whether you have a traditional shingles roof or the latest flat roof, we have the experience and capabilities to handle all types of repairs. Furthermore, our roof repair service comes backed by a warranty so that you are assured of excellent quality work and customer service. Call Rhino Roofing and Restoration today, and we’ll be more than happy to help you with any of your roof repair and replacement needs!

We take pride in our reputation for excellent customer service.

The roof coating service we provide is backed by excellent customer service. Whether you need a quote for an inspection or have experienced leaks in your current structure, our team will be there to help make sure that the issue gets resolved as quickly and efficiently possible!


Send us your details and we’ll get back to you to schedule a time to talk.


Send us your details and we’ll get back to you to schedule a time to talk.